Utilitarianism Theory

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Action we take must have consequences whether good or bad. Utilitarianism is a theory that focuses on consequences that will bring about the best possible outcome of any situation, in terms of individuality or people, this means some sort of pleasure and happiness must be the result. On the other hand, deontology focus on the doing the right thing, were your intentions will be understood based on the right thing where everyone in your position would do the same, more like a universal command of doing good without concentrating on the consequences. We look at utilitarianism and deontology in more detail and express which theory I find more convincing. And summing up the theories in the conclusion. Bentham (1824.p,392-393)Utilitarianism focuses…show more content…
For a utilitarian, the outcome must give a sense of happiness or pleasure. Look at the history of the former first black president of South Africa Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, “Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was conceived on July 18, 1918” (Kramer, 2003), he was the first President of South Africa to be chosen in completely illustrative equitable races. His Given name Rolihlahla which implies one who brings inconvenience upon himself he spent 27 years in prison during the "apartheid" time, apartheid was the discrimination of people classified by their skin color where people were not equal before the law in South Africa before 1994. The former president's life was put on hold, his happiness and pleasure of being with his friends and family was taken away. Nelson Mandela as a lawyer, voluntarily represented many detainees under the ANC whilst he was volunteer-in-chief for the ANC,…show more content…
Deontology is a theory that requires us to do the right thing but based on the above mention story of killing a man who is armed at the same time raping your daughter. Deontology allows you to let go of the man as this will be good as the cooperative imperative by Kant (1724-1804), but it won’t be beneficiary to your daughter as his happiness is being taken away and being traumatized. Whereas the utilitarianism theory allows you to look at what can help your daughter, looking exactly at consequences of the whole scenario. According to (Gerwith as cited in Cummiskey, 2008.p, 392) do the same thing as you would want other people to do to you. The man who was rapping knew what might happen if he was caught, he knew the risk, therefore looking that he was also armed he was prepared also to kill which might raise questions of why was he armed? What were his intentions? Raping your daughter then killing her? Or maybe killing who ever might try to stop him? This man is being egoist, protecting self-interest. Based on reality, it is best as stated by a utilitarian to minimize pain and bring about the best possible outcome as this allows one to bring utility in every situation ahead, as the Nelson Mandela's history stated above, it was worth it being imprisoned for 27 years as this brought democracy to the country at

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