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Becoming a dietitian has been my passion for as long as I knew about the profession. It is a mix of passion, perseverance and life experiences that have guided me in this direction. This personal statement will discuss why I want to be a dietitian, life experiences, short-term and long-term goals, and strengths and weaknesses. Growing up, food has always interested me. When I was little, instead of wanting to be an astronaut or a vet, I wanted to be a chef with my own restaurant. I would play with my grandmother’s pots and pans and imagine making the dishes I saw on TV. As I got older, I started to help my mom and sister prepare meals for events in our community. Food was how we celebrated and comforted people. It was also food that was given to my family after my brother had passed away, a token of condolence that made sure my mom didn’t have to worry about…show more content…
I also have experience in research from my current place of employment at the Ethel Austin Martin program by assisting in studies such as the South Dakota Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring Survey. My experience in community nutrition is also significant with help from my preceptor, John Finn. He showed me the multiple opportunities within my community for nutrition-related professions, such as the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Daycare and the CRST Emergency Children’s Shelter where I presented to the staff nutritional needs for infants, toddlers and school-age children and how to introduce new…show more content…
With this passion, I strive to be a dietitian that makes an impact in both nutrition and culture. I hope my words convey this, and that this statement will be taken into consideration for the Penrose-St. Francis Dietetic

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