Shah Zewir Short Story

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STORY OF KING SHAHRYAR AND HIS BROTHER Once upon a time there was a King who had two sons Shahryar and Shah Zaman. After his death Shahryar who was the elder brother became king of Baghdad and made his younger brother Shah Zaman to rule over Samarkand. They were both kind and just kings who ruled over their kingdoms. After some years Shahryar decided to see his brother, so he took a counsel with his Wazir to take his advice and he recommended the king to write a letter to his younger brother with some expensive gifts such as horses, gold and white slaves. He then sent the letter and gifts by his Wazir to Shah Zaman by expressing his love and good wishes to see him on his kingdom. When Wazir arrived to the land of Samarkand, he delivered a message by one of his high officials before the King and the King…show more content…
When Shahryar came back from hunt after ten days, he saw his brother in a good condition healthy and happy. Shahryar insisted and asked his brother to tell him what caused him to be sad and depressed. Shah Zaman told him the whole story of his wife’s betrayal. When Shahryar heard his story, he was shook and told him that if I were you I would not only kill my wife but would slay a thousand women. Then Shahryar asked his brother to tell him what made you feel better and happy. Shah Zaman told him the whole story of whatever he saw on his absence. Shahryar did not believe on his story, so he told his brother to take a decision and get ready for hunt once again and then hide with me in the palace so you would be witness with your own eyes. Shahryar did what his brother told him to and the next morning he saw whatever his brother told him. After watching that, Shahryar cried out and killed his Queen and the twenty slaves. He told his brother that we will leave the palace and will never come back until we see someone’s misfortune is greater than

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