Three Different Types Of Heat Transfer

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Heat transfer is thermal energy that is transferred due to temperature difference between system and its surrounding. There are three different types of heat transfer processes conduction, convection and radiation. Heat transfer by conduction mean that the process will occur across the medium, while heat transfer by convection mean that the process will occur between surface and fluid contact to it that has different temperature. In contrast, heat transfer by thermal radiation can occur between two surfaces at different temperatures depending on the fact that all surfaces of finite temperature emit amount of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves [1]. Convection heat transfer classified according to the nature of the flow. The first type is free convection where the flow motion is…show more content…
The device used to implement this exchange is termed a heat exchanger [1]. Different heat exchangers are named according to their applications. For example, heat exchangers being used to condense are known as condensers; similarly, heat exchangers for boiling purposes are called boilers. Heat exchangers are one of the mostly used equipments in the process industries. Heat exchangers are used to transfer heat between two process streams. One can realize their usage that any process which involves cooling, heating, condensation, boiling or evaporation will require a heat exchanger for these purposes such as using it in thermal power plants, chemical processing plants, air conditioning equipment, refrigerators, biomedical, petrochemical, and food processing plants serve to heat and cool different types of fluids. Both the mass and overall dimensions of heat exchangers employed are continuously increasing with the unit power and the volume of production. This involves huge investments annually for both operation and capital

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