Short Speech On Exorcists

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Exorcist? Or Idiot? Pt.1 One day, Mez, Zim, Tendou and Me went to convenient store. Suddenly, everything is changed into horror (It's Magano). Everyone running away and there's a huge Monster (Kegare Ofcourse), attack and eat people. We seperated. I with Mez, Tendou and Zim at othet side. Mez and I running away and we found an exorcist. The exorcist attacked the monster and exorcised. For more information, we four, kinda little known about talisman and exorcist. The exorcist use the talisman and send back us to real world... We've lost our friend, Zim and tendou. We try to ask somebody around what just happen but no one know. The story about Exorcist is begin... Mez: What the fuck is that! And where is tendou and zim! Icon: I dont know! Mez: So now, what we suppose to do?…show more content…
Mez: what? Where we can find exorcist Icon: bruh... on exorcist Union... Mez: Ooo.... I dont know where is that. Icon: just follow me Urgh They went to the Exorcist Union to ask some help. They saw a man with glasses, White + Blue hair man. Mez: Yo! NIGGA Four eyes! We jus- Ooof! (Been punch to the stomach by icon) Icon: sorry for the rudeness, Mez! Bow! Mez: dang it.. ???: Can I help you? Icon: we need help! Our friend is in somewhere.... what it called.... Mez: Magazine Icon: No! Its maga.... Mez:

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