Qualitative Research Methods

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Qualitative research or method is used when one wants to about the problem deeply for example the researcher will opt for different ways to carry out the research, some of which are audiotapes, videotapes for gathering the required information. Probes can also be used in this regard. Various techniques used under this research are unstructured or semi-structured. Apart from the methods discussed above, some other methods are also used in qualitative research such as interviews, focused group discussions or observation etc. In qualitative research, focus is more on the point of view of population stress is laid more on the natural setting. Focus is more towards what people think, say or believe. This research allows us to see only what our class…show more content…
This research is dynamic in nature reason being the participants are directly involved in giving comments about their opinion or experience. The researcher can even go beyond just the responses through the use of probes. Researcher also has the opportunity to record not just verbal but also nonverbal communication such as body language or expressions of the audience. All this is observed by the researcher himself/ herself so there is a better and deeper understanding about each and every point of view and opinion. This research is getting advanced by the passing time. Now, we can also record information via videoconferencing or even internet so this can be a great help in getting to know about the perceptions of people living far…show more content…
In order to clear the concepts widely, help of project can also be taken in this regard. Numerical data can be collected through computer programs or various software available. Examples of qualitative research can be “A bottle of water holds one liter” “60% people are educated in Pakistan”. Data in this research is analyzed through the help of statistics. Mathematical or computer techniques are the base or main focus of this research. Data is collected on base of phenomena as well for example to find out how much or how many or even to what extent. This research is known as a reliable research and is said to be objective. This can be used in order to test theories or hypothesis too but it is less detailed than the method mentioned above which is qualitative and it does not involve direct responses from the audience or their

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