Millennium Development Goals Analysis

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Today there are eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that were to be created in 2000 and to be achieved by 2015. These international goals were created and signed by 192 nations (Lamk Al-Lamki, Sultan Qaboos Univ. Med J. 2010) to target poverty, hunger, maternal and child mortality, diseases in developing countries, education, gender inequality, environmental damage and global partnerships. One of the many countries to start working on sustainable development is Indonesia. Indonesia’s economy has been growing after the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997-98 but poverty reduction rate has been slowing over the recent years. (The World Bank Group 2014) Even with Poverty still being a key issue in Indonesia, Indonesia achieved their goal of reducing…show more content…
In 2000, Indonesia agreed to reduce child mortality of under-fives by two-thirds with the Millennium Development goals. Indonesia is now estimated to have around 27 deaths per 1,000 live births (World Bank) as of 2015. Still, Indonesia is making dramatic process in decreasing under-five mortality. Even with Indonesia meeting their goal, there is a reoccurring problem with child mortality. In Indonesia, there is very little health care systems, both rural and urban, and poverty is still an issue. (Julia Schröders 2015) With Indonesia’s location, it can be hard for families to find medical care, even with 8000 community health systems available. (May…show more content…
A few of these programs include BCG, DPT3, and hepatitis, reaching around 70-80 percent coverage. (BAPPENAS 2010) Indonesia also has in place organizations and policies to help combat child mortality. The goals of these policies include aspects of immunization, better health standards, faster medical care, focusing on essential neonatal care, and other child health standards. As Indonesia’s economy is growing, they should see less mortality of under-five children and more families live in the urban areas, having more access to healthcare and quicker. Families living in the rural parts of Indonesia are the ones who suffer the most, but rural areas are also growing in agriculture from the economic growth, giving jobs and other

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