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"When I look at the world I'm pessimistic, but when I look at people I am optimistic."Rodger has an optimistic view of human nature. People continuously strive to fulfil their potentials. Thus Rodger argues that if the innate potential of this nature is allowed to unfold then the optimal personal development will follow. Firstly this essay will define Rodgers main concepts clearly. Secondly it will relate the concepts to the depiction of Precious’ life story as seen in the film. Lastly it will argue that Precious’ does depict self- actualisation. The Self- Actualising tendency is defined as the ‘self’ which emerges from the ‘perceptual field’ that expresses one’s ‘self actualising tendency.’ This tendency is an inherent need to grow, survive…show more content…
Self concept is what emerges from human experiences. This concept consists of the conscious perceptions and values such as the internal locus for control. The person is then able to refer on one’s self as a specific object which one is aware of. The goal is to achieve a sense of authenticity with regards to how the ‘self’ engages with the world. The self concept is made up of the individual;s image of themselves. These conceptions are explain as ‘what I am’ and what can I do.’ The self concept is made up of the real self and the ideal self. The real self is distinguished by the way one describes herself and the ideal self represents what the person strives to be such as what one thinks one should be and would like to be. When the self is first formed it is governed by the OVP only. Prior to that the self is determined through the interaction with its surroundings specifically the interaction with fellow people. The role of self - concept is crucial for determining behaviour (Rogers,…show more content…
Unconditional positive regard is an environment that is best suited for and idealistic process. Individuals are accepted as people with certain needs which are peculiar to them and which are not measured against the needs of others. People therefore do not need to fulfil the specific requirements to gain the esteem of significant others and thus are able to acknowledge all their needs and ways of expressing how they feel. It is the need for therapy to continuously provide you with acceptance. Its through regard that one receives consistency between one’s experience and self concept. This is because the self concept does not restrict your experiences rather it makes you express as many experiences as possible within one’s perceptual field. The unconditioned positive regard the self concept determines what is the self comfortable and wants. It promotes a self concept as flexible and not fixed. The manner that the engaging occurs is realistic. In unconditioned positive regard it encourages awareness not for oneself but for the others that are around them and how certain decisions may impact others. Where as conditional positive regard is how one’s self emerges through positive regard that is conditional. It is more likely that people will experience non- acceptance by significant others and they will only feel worthy when they have

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