Stress In Nursing

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Stress experienced by nurses working in Emergency Department: Introduction: The aim of this assignment is to present the area of interest, critically analysis and identify the research topic and systematically review the literatures to support the chosen topic. The emergency department, also known as accident and emergency department or casualty department is designed to provide highly specialized emergency services which is available in most of the hospitals. Emergency services were offered since mid- nineteenth century in America and Europe, whereas world’s first specialized trauma care center was opened in 1911 in United State. This was initiated by Surgeon Arnold Griswold at the university of Louisville Hospital (Wikipedia). Emergency…show more content…
Gerish and Lacey (2010) define quantitative research as a method that collects data evidences and analysis data in numerical format which are based on the positivist position. Quantitative research is a type of research design which is concerned with measurement and to test relationship between variables (Janet 2009, Punch and Punch 2005). This research study design is classified broadly as experimental and non-experimental which are further categorized into various types according to time of experiment and time of data collection (Valmi 2007). Author aalso argues that Qualitative research accounts for reliability and…show more content…
Findings are presented in various formats like connectional model, theories and descriptions and themes. The research approaches include phenomenology, ethnography and ground theory where ethnography is favored more over others. However, Thomas (2006) argues that ethnography is less used in nursing than ground theory and phenomenology until 3013.Most of all, qualitative research is vigorous which depends on trust and accountability. In short, quantitative research focuses on maintaining the objectivity rather than subjectivity through out the research process. However, it is not always possible in real practice to adhere to objectivity or random sampling. Whereas in qualitative research, researchers often use reflexive, flexible and inductive methods. Others also use phenomenology or ethnography in their studies. It is of great use in exploration of participant’s experiences, perceptions and ideas which provides invaluable contributions to nursing research (Albert 2006). Although, these quantitative and qualitative research are characterized differently, they also present similarities. Hamersley (2000) argues that these two should not be seen as differently but rather one as sharing many similarities. That makes the researchers to use them as method of combination

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