Institutional Affiliation: The Research Process And Methodology

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The Research Process and Methodology Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: The Research Process and Methodology The research process begins with the identification of the subject to be researched; this could be a problem that needs a solution, or a prediction that needs to be proven. After the identification of the subject, it is thoroughly reviewed and all the facts about the subject drafted. The next step is the formation of a hypothesis which acts as a guideline for the proposal. With the hypothesis in place, the method of research can be established and at this stage, data is collected and analyzed, lastly, the findings are tabled and the research is complete. Research methodology is determined by the type of research…show more content…
Sampling aims at providing data for the research. Simple random sampling entails, selecting a variety of samples from a population such that the whole population is represented. Likewise, there is stratified sampling, the population is divide into strata according to a criterion such as age, demography, height, level of income among others, samples are later collected from each strata. Cluster sampling is similar to stratified sampling albeit in cluster sampling the samples are randomly collected from a group in the population rather than an individual or a single element. Data collection in health care research is dependent on the specific research question. The most convenient data collection tool in health care organization is surveys. To establish the state of the health department in the hospital and the society at large a survey can be carried out by comparing hospital records or by asking questions to the patients and the facility users (Rand Corporation 2015 p.25). Another method of data collection is, observation, a researcher can station themselves in or near a health facility, thereby gaining access to first-hand information on what he is researching…show more content…
For a hypothesis to be complete there has to be two or more variables, a population and the relationship between the variables, established. On the other hand, a research question is not defined by any variables; rather the question itself determines what the research is about. Therefore, a hypothesis is a prediction of the relationship between two or more variables while a research question is the research aims to answer. The research question determines the methodology and the tools that will be used during the research. The chapter provides detailed and relevant information about the research conducting process. There is an increased emphasis on the meticulous nature of the research process in order to achieve factual data. Furthermore, an elaborate review on the importance of clear goals and objectives for the research is provided in the chapter. The chapter gives an overview the research question and in addition why a certain methodology is preferred over another. The activities prior to conducting a research, that is relevant study and gathering of the materials needed has also been highlighted. To conclude, the research process needs to be adequately prepared for, when the right research question is drafted, a hypothesis can be drafted and the research process can begin. The research method is chosen based on the type and magnitude of

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