Difference Between Dialect And Dialect

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Some people may think that an accent is the exact same as a dialect. And that is why, in this essay, I’ll be clearly showing the differences between accents and dialects and giving some examples. A typical mistake is to muddle a ‘dialect’ with an accent, confusing up the difference between words that individuals use and the sounds they make, their pronunciation. If grammar and vocabulary are being considered along the side of pronunciation, then ‘dialect’ is a fair term to use. Still, regularly when demanding to discuss a dialect, someone will focus just on pronunciations. If what’s being said and expressed about are sounds only—that is, accent—then the field of language study is averagely pronunciation, or phonology. Introduction So what is a dialect? And what is an accent? How can you differentiate between…show more content…
Most Americans would say this word “ah-bout” whereas a Canadian would say it “ah-boot”. On the other hand, for a dialect, it is both how the words are being said or pronounced and the context of the words. Another example is if an American and a British person go shopping, and the British said: “I need to buy a new pair of knickers and trousers, and some tunics. Might cost you a few quids chap”. American comparable of the words is underwear, pants, and shirts. A quid is slang for the British Sterling Pound, like how the US Dollar is called a “buck”. In brief, a dialect is basically how local terminology/slang words and that country standard way of speaking are said. By all that, what is meant to be said is that different people (like teachers and students) speak different than others (like friends and family). Moreover, various groups of individuals who are speakers of the English language sometimes misunderstand and do not distinguish the differences between accents and dialects. The English language varies from country to country and baffles with a sequence of different accents and

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