Limitations And Limitations Of David Morley

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From 1975 to 1979, David Morley took part in the study of contemporary media culture research, regarded the popularity TV show "nationwide" which discuss current affairs news as the research object and obtained a series of important results. In 1978, he cooperated with Sharlotte Brunsdon and published the book《Daily TV: nationwide》. He used semiotics analysis methods to study the program text form design and text organization characteristics of “nationwide”. "Nationwide" is a famous program of BBC company which has high ratings. The TV shows have a rich content and full of common color which is about appears to be the usual daily life length of the "home" or "human affairs". But the message of political values is quite strong. The survey was conducted by the UK film council (BFI) sponsored, David Morley remarkable achievements in this research and open the road to his audience research.…show more content…
In the book "nationwide” news audience research and practical application of ethnography method in western academia has a widespread influence, also laid the Morley's academic status. Morley built decoding based on different professions and different class audience's interviews, explored how the content are interpreted by different social background individuals and attempted to explore cultural framework of the influence by individual interpretation. This essay will focus on the limitations and significance of David Morley’s “Nationwide” Audience Study from the several parts: ethnographic research methods, ideology and the relationship between social rights. And discuss its effects on a world

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