Qualitative Design In Public Health

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Chapter 3 Methodology In public health research, there are two specific paradigms or design. It could be a qualitative or interpretative design or a quantitative or positivist design. These designs direct the kinds of literature review and the direction to take in the research process.(Greenhalgh, 2001). Following my research questions, the qualitative design is a good design to use. The qualitative design is empirical; it observes what people in a population feel about a particular condition. It is more realistic. Giving my research design of the condition of people in a region between 30-60 years with ophthalmology problems it is best defined with the qualitative design. But on the other hand, quantitative design is also a good design for…show more content…
Thereby spending less time to collect data and in the interpretation, will begin with qualitative process for exploration and then the quantitative method which has a large sample which can be generalized to a population. Some researchers also collect qualitative data and turn the codes mathematically thereby using quantitative method to analyze them. Some weaknesses identified the in the Mixed method could be the size of the population. Since the population is small, the researcher may find it difficult to know to what extent he can generalize the population. It may also be difficult to tell if the findings are not biased by including the researchers’ opinion in questions that cannot be answered. In this case the study may lack rigour (Barbour,…show more content…
Using the observation method, it will require visiting the health centers and chosen hospitals to observe how consultation is handled, looking out for the existing methods of interventions used to handle the ophthalmology cases. Also observe if there are any challenges in using telemedicine if it exists at all in that hospital. A survey research will be carried out because due to lack of exposure these people (medical workers) do not know why they should use technology instead of normal face to face consultation. On the other hand patients, who believe they can get treatment from herbalists, see the continuous practice as a means to protect their culture. The herculean task will be to convince them to drop such practices. In this situation we can use the qualitative research which will now use interviews, observation and interacting with the population for better understanding. Focus group will be organized with the population. The data will be collected in the space of two

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