Purpose In Computer Science And Engineering

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There is a constant improvisation and development of technology in the world today which has led to the erosion of the older versions of technologies. There has always been an urge in me to learn and satisfy my never-ending curiosity in computers and make the best use of the latest technologies. To do this there is always a need for a higher level of knowledge, capacity and expertise to research extensively. I want to enroll into a Master’s Program (MS) that will assist me in realizing my goal in the field of Computer Science and Engineering for which I have an inherent proclivity and contribute significantly to the field of my interest. My Father bought me my first Computer in 1999 when I was around 5 years old which was a luxury in India then. I was very fascinated by it. I started sending e-mails when I was 6 years old and I loved to play games on the computer. My school had excellent Computer labs where we learnt Microsoft office and Internet browsing at a very young age. I decided at that age itself that I want to know everything about the Computer.…show more content…
That is when I decided that I should take up Electrical and Electronics Engineering as my major as it had subjects like Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Linear Integrated Chip Analysis etc. and then do masters in Computer Science. This way I would be able to have knowledge on both the software and hardware parts of the computer. I enrolled in the Bachelor of Technology program in the Hyderabad Campus of the prestigious GITAM

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