Statement Of Purpose In Computer Science Engineering

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Statement Of Purpose: Over the years one has never to say, “I have reached the destination of knowledge”. That is the greatness of pursuit of knowledge has always been a propelling force, which made me to engage myself in search of it. My good performance in physical sciences and mathematics at high school and pre-university level laid solid foundation to choose engineering as an avenue for learning. Mathematics, especially, interests me greatly and is proved by my task record in this subject. I have always loved to solve problems. The pleasure obtained from being absorbed in problems over a period of time and finally arriving at the solutions is immense. My natural propensity towards subjects involving mathematical concepts and logical thinking…show more content…
Apart from this,I was even taught non-computer subjects like Managerial Economics and Financial Accounting,Environmental Studies,Mathematics,English,VLSI, Electronic devices and Circuits. I was even given a practical approach in the laboratory work of C programming,JAVA programming,CPP programming, Database management syatems,Operating Systems,Linux Programming. I feel the undergraduate education I have received provided me with an excellent foundation in theoretical aspects of Computer Science Engineering. My performance in the laboratory courses has been very good which shows my strong capability of being a good theoretician as well as an excellent experimentalist, which is very essential to be a pioneer in field of rapidly growing technology. This experience during my under graduate education has whetted my appetite and left me desiring for more study involving intellectual breadth and…show more content…
However, I am of the opinion that theoretical work alone is of little use unless it is accompanied by practical knowledge. I believe that I would be a suitable applicant for Research work in the university since I’ve always been inclined towards practical tasks and the everlasting quest to learn more. “Knowledge is power”, says Bacon. “A wise man is strong and a man of knowledge increaseth strength”. Knowledge is all­ powerful and love of knowledge is a pre-requisite for any success in life. If education means merely book knowledge or the passing of periodical examinations, then I am afraid I feel enthusiastic about it. Education should be a medium for the unfolding of ones inborn faculties, enabling him to use his mind, eyes, ears, and hands, as they should be

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