Negative Issues In Health Care

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The provision of adequate and quality health care poses a tremendous and continuing challenge to countries all over the world. There has been an ever increasing pressure and clamor of governments, policy makers, managers and other participants in health care to make health care delivery more efficient, affordable, accessible and better with positive health outcomes. But with health care getting more complex, it is becoming more evident that health care practitioners and policymakers need an understanding of the health care delivery system and the new complexities arising from such. It is common for well-trained and skilled health professionals to remain incognizant to the various forces that can create a significant impact on their clinical…show more content…
With health care costs rising, public expenditures on health care, likewise, spiraled up. As a consequence, Americans who earn below average incomes and had no health insurance coverage found health care services expensive and inaccessible. More and more are getting into medical debt and bankruptcy. The lack of health insurance in the U.S. by some of its citizens costs billions of dollars in annual losses, thereby creating a humongous impact on U.S. economy. Aware of the complexities of the American health care system and equipped with statistical data and health indicators at hand, U.S. legislators, in consultation and debates with key players of health services delivery: health managers, managed care providers, employers, institutional representative and health professionals, formulated and enacted the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). The act aims to initiate reforms in the American health care industry was signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2010. ( Five years after the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, the Commonwealth Fund reported the following on January 2015: 3 Lenie G. Manayam…show more content…
health care delivery. Its success or failure is dependent on the cooperation of the multiple key players in health care services and on the support it will receive from the Americans. ACA’s success will bring an improvement in the lives of US citizens and a creation of a health care system that will truly cater to the health needs of its people. But a failure in its implementation will tender repercussions and serious consequences in American society, and possibly, create deterioration in health care services and tremendous suffering in the lives of the American

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