My Future Career Goals

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According to me, education is not only a tool that puts one on a track to acquire knowledge and personality skills that sets one apart from the crowd, but also the zeal for knowledge, curiosity and the sheer joy of grasping intricate concepts. Apart from this, graduate study, opens up new avenues to explore and give one a wide range of career objectives. I feel privileged to present my credentials to pursue Master of Science in Computer Science in Kent State University and my future goals through this statement of purpose. In high school, my physics teacher said “The whole world dances to the tune of an electron”- as we use electronic gadgets in almost every walk of our life. This unleashed my desire to pursue under graduation in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I also had a strong desire to become a Computer Science Engineer, but it was impossible to pursue…show more content…
It is a meeting ground of various social lives and cultural ideas. This will ultimately help me provide vital contributions to society and work in a way to expedite the advancement and betterment of humanity as a whole. There are several long lasting career goals in my life. After my MS, my primary goal is to join in a successful organization and be part of it’s success. Then after gaining sufficient experience, I want to return to my country and I want to set up an organization based on my education. After 15 years, with the profits from the organization, I wanted to run a charity in my grandfather’s name to help the poor and diseased. I am confident that I have the potential to prove to be an asset to your Master’s program. My curiosity to learn and absorb ideas has always propelled me forward. I am a committed and pro-active individual. If admitted to your university, I will work hard and make the best of the

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