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Statement of Purpose Mr. Ajinkya Vivek Shah Introduction Having learnt from past, I live in the present with an eye on future. By facing problems in day to day life I learnt that in the challenging world, there requires an ability to look beyond the present. Since childhood I was fond of science and as I grew up I started exploring the science subject. To persist with my eagerness of science subject, I planned to pursue engineering which happens to be an application of the science subject. With my fondness in science, I was also fascinated about machines and their application. This led me in pursuing mechanical engineering for graduation. On completing my graduation, my interest in mechanical stream increased and I decided to enhance my technical knowledge. This forced me to decide for master…show more content…
I was event coordinator of an event namely Comprehension, and also active member of MESA (Mechanical Engineering Student Association). I glad to say that I was the member of NSS camp throughout my engineering program .Being a mechanical engineer student, it was a great thing for me to take participation in events like Robo Task, Robo Race events which was conducted in my college. During my graduation, I had attained many workshops which helped me to improve my knowledge. To name a few of them, workshop conducted by ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) and Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp conducted by MITCON. I have visited few industries during my graduation and prepared project reports for the visit. The experience gained during it was presented to my colleagues, which improved my presentation and communication skill. My graduation was completed with an academic result of first class with distinction. The four year degree course has not only provided me strong fundamentals but also has encouraged me, to learn more and motivated me to continue research related

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