Cause And Effect Of Tsunami

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What is a Tsunami? A tsunami is a natural disaster or a natural phenomenon that practicality is a large body of water that is formed in the ocean, is very similar to a normal wave but its size and strength increases in an extreme way. Also there are three types of tsunamis, local tsunamis, regional tsunami and distant tsunamis. The Local Tsunamis have destructive effects that are confined to coasts within 100 km of the source. The Regional Tsunamis have a capability of destruction in a specific region, generally within about 1000 km of its source. And finally the Distant Tsunamis are originating from a faraway source, generally more than 1000 km away; it is harder than the regional tsunamis. The tsunamis are generally formed by large earthquakes…show more content…
During a tsunami there are big amounts of dead people, because the intensity of the wave is too big that it causes the death only for receiving the impact of the wave. After tsunamis people and animals dead too, because the water that they drink is very contaminated .Also, it affects the environment, because it causes dangerous pollution that can affect on citizen’s life and the future tour-isms that will bring money for them. As you know the causes and consequences of tsunamis, you can see that they are very dangerous to the society. For example , the biggest tsunami in the world which was developed in the night of 9 July in 1958.This tsunami was about 524 meters high in Alaska .It was produced by an earthquake which was generated by a rock of 30.06 cubic meters that fell down into the Gilbert Inlet .The tsunami covered all Lituya Bay that is located in the north of Alaska`s gulf , the Lituya Bay is 7 miles of long , 2 miles of wide and 720 feet of depth that separate it from Alaska’s Gulf .Some of the accounts were of Howard G. and William A. , men who felt their boats shaking during the earthquake and saw the avalanching of the mountains which prove that the wave was created in the Gilbert Inlet by the big rock. One of them was with his little son, so his experience was more frightening than the other man experience, because he wasn`t only worried about himself, he was very worried about his

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