Albert Einstein: The Father Of Modern Physics

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“We can not solve or problems with the same thinking that we used to create them”(Biography) those words came from Albert Einstein. Various people may know Einstein as the Father of Modern Physics. Einstein was known for many things, but there are many things people don’t know about him. Born on March 14, 1879, In Ulm, Germany was Albert Einstein to the parents of Hermann and Pauline Einstein. (Biography) Hermann was a salesman and an engineer while Pauline ran the family household. About two years later, Maja Einstein was born. Maja was one of Alberts only friends growing up. (Yourdictionary) Albert Einstein did not excel in all of his schooling. Math and science were is strong classes. His education began in 1885 at catholic schooling in…show more content…
There were two different theories, Special and General. The special theory of relativity started with a suggestion that the laws of science should appear the same to all moving people. All observers should be able to measure the same speed of light no matter how fast they are moving. This theory was “Special because it only focused with the certain case of internal references.”The general theory of relativity began with an experiment from Einstein. This included a person dropping a ball on earth, the ball would fall to the ground because of gravity we have on earth. Another person would drop a ball on a spaceship because of the lack of gravity there is in space the ball would float, but to the person inside the ball would appear like it's falling like it did on earth. Because of this, things in space the presence of matter are curved. Another thing is the famous E=mc2. This is “The quantity of energy is equivalent to the quantity of mass time the speed of light squared.”In other words E is the energy used, M is the mass, and C is the speed of light. This equation can still be used today. (Contributor) There is one more theory that Einstein discovered and that is the photoelectric effect. It claimed that “electromagnetic radiation had to be thought of as a series of particles, called protons, which collide with on the electrons on the surface and emit them.”…show more content…
He also got rewarded with the Nobel Prize in 1921. He actually received the prize in 1922. He received this for all of his discoveries, but mainly for his theory of relativity and for the explanation of the photoelectric effect. This award was the Nobel prize of physics. (The Nobel Prize) Another award he received was the Copley Medal. This award is an old prestigious award and Albert Einstein received it in 1925. This award was started given out 170 years before the Nobel prize. It’s an award that can be awarded in any branch of biological sciences. Einstein received it for his contribution to the scientific community and for his theory of relativity. (Copley Medal) The last main medal he received was the Franklin medal. This medal is given be the Franklin institute in Philadelphia. He also was honored with doctorate degrees in science, medicine, philosophy in many different European and American universities. His work on relativity and photoelectric effect physics. Received him the medal (Albert

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