Pros And Cons Of Pro-Open Carry

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A political issue of importance that is relevant to our government today is Texas open carry law. There are two different sides to this current issue, pro- open carry and anti-open carry. Pro- open carry advocates to this law want to be able to carry their weapons in public without having to conceal it. Although on the other side, anti- open carry proponents believe that it would be a bad idea to have guns visible in public and that it would cause more problems. Of these two sides, I am on the pro-open carry side. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss the pros and cons of open carry and the evidence to back up each of the arguments. Open Carry advocates believe that “you have the right to defend yourself and your property [at…show more content…
They feel as if “more guns [on the street will equal] more violence” (Cunningham and Bain). Proponents also believe that “more accidental misfires will [occur if people are allowed to open carry]” (Partain). Therefore, “if [people don’t] have a weapon [on their person] then they wouldn’t use one” (Cunningham and Bain). Anti-open carry proponents think that “if people don’t go through the proper training and licensing procedures, they’re more likely to resort to using a weapon out of anger towards another [human being]” (Cunningham and Bain). Campus carry came alongside the open carry bill and proponents have issues about this part too. They believe that “the con on campus [carry] is [that] whether [a weapon] is concealed or open [carried, it] is making it easier for someone who does not like what is being said or who gets a bad grade to have easy access to a gun” (Cunningham and Bain). With this being said, a student could easily get revenge by drawing a weapon on the individual who they ae having a disagreement with. Anti-open carry proponents also mentioned that “concealed or open [carried] handguns on campus would disrupt the classroom learning environment” (Cunningham and

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