Single Payor Health Insurance Research Paper

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A single-payor is a national health insurance which is also known as “Medicare for all’. It is a system in which a single entity controls the health care services financing even though the delivery of these services is still in the private sector. In the US, the current healthcare system has tens of thousands of different healthcare organizations and plans that include government based, private, HMOs, PPO’s billing agencies and others In return, all US residents would be covered for all medically necessary services that would including doctor, hospital, drug and medical supplies, preventive and long-term care, mental health, dental, and vision, amongst other services. The term single-payor health care refers to health insurance but really…show more content…
Other countries have implemented a single payor system that include Canada, United Kingdom and Australia amongst others. Some of the offerings of a single payor could be the elimination of different provider networks for different insurance plans. People would be free to choose any facility and physician that they choose. It would provide access to preventive care which could potentially reduce future illnesses and prevent minor illnesses from becoming major illnesses. It would reduce the overall costs and overhead of insurance carrier as current insurance carriers spend between 10% to 30% of their annual income on overhead expenses. It would also reduce provider expense and overhead as well as sending bills to multiple insurance carriers would not be necessary. A single payor could buy products in bulk, such as drugs and supplies, which would save a good deal of money. Eliminating the middle-man would only…show more content…
These programs generally provide some type of universal healthcare system. Australia incorporates both a government and private insurance. Started in 1984 Medicare is funded by a 1.5% income tax but the lion share comes from the general fund. They also have a separate Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme that subsidizes prescription medications. In Canada healthcare is delivered through a healthcare system that is publicly funded and delivers mostly free care. Their Medicare system is based by province in which the physicians bill the claim to the province’s insurer as the simplicity of the flow allows for cost savings. In the United Kingdom their healthcare system involves Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England as each has their own system of private and publicly funded healthcare. The coverage is paid through

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