Pros And Cons Of Moving As A Group When The SHTF

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Moving As A Group When the SHTF Previous articles have talked about Prepper groups, and whether you should be a part of one or not, and how to establish one, and who and what to look for when choosing members. This article however, will assume you will end up traveling with a group of people whether that was your original intent or not. We as humans tend to seek out other humans particularly during a disaster. Your objective during a calamity would be to separate the sheep from the Sheppard however, if you end up traveling with a group. You have to establish rules to some extent, someone has to be in charge, and you have to know the capabilities of each person, and what skills and knowledge each person brings to the table. There are pros and cons when moving as a group. There is safety in numbers even if it is only psychological. Simply having an extra set of hands to…show more content…
Should we engage obvious marauders, or should we blend into the background and let them pass, all problems that will arise when traveling with others. Assess Your Capabilities Honestly You cannot move at night if you do not have night vision equipment. Furthermore, you would have to assume any aggressors out there would have night vision capabilities as well. You and the others cannot move through the dark quietly if you cannot see, and even with night vision technology it takes skill, and opposing forces will be looking for groups or individuals on the move at night. In most cases moving from point A to point B during the daylight hours makes more sense. Once darkness sets in you would establish a dark camp and stay put to avoid detection. A dark camp means no light, (this means no fires too) noise, or odor. Cooking, eating, and nature calls would be accomplished before sunset and not at the overnight site. Cooking fires, and nature calls should be well away from your overnight

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