Persuasive Essay On Vacuum Cleaner

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Very few people can ever say that house cleaning is a chore they relish. It involves some elbow grease especially if you have a family with kids and pets traipsing all over your floors and putting grubby little hands or paws on your precious wooden floors, expensive carpets, and tiles. There is a myriad of machines that can help you spend less time cleaning and even do a better job than you and your elbow grease. Every home needs to have a vacuum cleaner. It does not really matter what kind of floor you have, what matters is how efficient the machine is at cleaning the grime and dirt from your floors. If you are in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, then you should first find out what machine will work for you. There are different types of…show more content…
You can switch from powerful suction cleaning to delicate suction by just pushing a conveniently located button Swivel steering Not only is the Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum effective at picking up dirt but it can move around furniture and under which is convenient for anyone who does not want to miss a spot when they are cleaning. Dirt tank This vacuum requires no bag The canister vacuum has the capacity to hold 3.8 ounces of dirt in a tank. There are no bags necessary. If you want to clear the tank out you can open it from the bottom to minimize dust billowing in the air and polluting it. Power It is powered by a 7-amp motor, which might seem less powerful when compared to other similar vacuums. The power is still enough to effectively suction all kinds of dirt from your floor. Attachments and tools The vacuum comes with a variety of tools that are interchangeable for application on various surfaces like a bare concrete floor, hardwood floors, tiles, and carpets. There are tools that are intended to vacuum more delicate surfaces like curtains and furniture

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