Reflective Essay On Group Work

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This essay serves as a reflection for myself and the process our group went through for the semester. Through this module, I gained greater insights about myself, discovering my strengths and weaknesses when working in a team, as a member, and as a leader. Reflecting upon the past few months, cohesiveness was something very valuable I picked up from this group project. It was something our group never failed to have, even from the moment we formed the group. Initially, I was very critical towards group work because of my prior experiences with bad groupmates. I always had a perception that members of the group would not be able to get along. However, being together with the seven friends I made from the LTB journey, I feel blessed to have met such great team members. This group had allowed me to have a different perspective towards group work, and now I genuinely look forward to more group works in the future. I did the survey with this group in mind, and cohesiveness is…show more content…
I learnt that it is very crucial to know each other on a level more than being just groupmates. We heeded the professor’s advice to at least have one meal together, and decided to eat as a group during the second week. I felt that a group of eight could have been too big, but the weekly lunches made us closer on a different level. We were no longer just focused on completing the task objectives for the grade, but we slowly started to take personal interest in one another. This allowed our discussions to be more open, and subsequently, everyone and myself welcomed constructive criticism openly. I am certain that if our group was not as bonded, I could have received criticism negatively at times. Down my 4 years in SMU, I would be exposed to many more group projects. I would encourage my future groups to have at least one meal together to bond, which will eventually lead us to have more conducive

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