Everything Bad Is Good For You Analysis

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Throughout Nicolas Carr’s book The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to to Our Brains? he writes about interviews, experiments, and other books that prove his main point. He believes that the internet is deteriorating our deep thinking abilities, which has impacted our true understanding of the topics we read into. In 2005 Carr interviewed Michael Merzenich about how the internet is affecting the plasticity of our brains, which results in old neural bonds breaking and new ones forming. Carr relates his opinion of how more stimulation of the brain is not necessarily the best for our brains by quoting Steven Johnson in his book Everything Bad is Good for You. Our brains need time to relax and compeletly process all of the material we acquired…show more content…
Communicating through text messaging, email and social media may not appear to be the same as in person contact, but is just as powerful. We are able to make more connections and share more information across the world faster than ever. Think of all the time we have saved from waiting for responses in the mail. This time has been used effectively to discover more about our surroundings. Texts and emails have their own language that people 20 years ago would not be able to decipher. I have a similar concern as Nicholas about people becoming obsessed with texting, emailing, and other social media. These pieces of technology can become a huge distraction if not kept under control. This technology does make it more difficult to achieve a state of deep thinking, but this does not mean we are losing this art entirely. I think 20 years from now paper copies will not exist, which will force the population to think deeply while using the web in order to learn and portray concepts. I do not believe society will be significantly impacted from this technology because we are still communicating, learning, and trying to describe the meaning behind the words just in a different

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