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The Lady kiles directed by Coen and Ethan Coen in 2004. The film is a story of The Lady Killers original version in 1995 and has also established itself in the Cannes Film Festival Golden Palm in 2004 with the category. The film tells the story about a Professor Goldthwait Higginson Dorr and together with four of his friends were planning to rob. They also have to choose where to carry out their activities, namely to rob a specific area that can not be overlooked by others, namely the lower floor of the house was an old lady named Mrs. Munson very loyal ritual. Meanwhile, what they plan did not work as they were designed. It is, as Mrs. Munson's plan and want to report it to the authorities. Thus began the trial for the murder of Mrs Munson…show more content…
On the bridge there is a statue of a handsome bird perched on the arm of the show the branch of god and evil.The statue sits on top of the bridge. The next scene is connected with the old woman who went to the station to see officer in the hall to sleep. The elderly woman was walking home on foot, accompanied by music that mentions God and evil and turn to God. When we arrived at the woman saw her husband portrait picture taped to the wall. The next scene is connected with a sudden knock on the door. Candles are below the portrait image suddenly becomes dim and want erased when a man knocked on the door. This, suggests that men carry an element of the crime. Cats older woman also ran out during the door open by the elderly woman. This suggests that cats do not like and accept her presence to the house of his master. Connection in each scene aimed to audience member watching to understand that every shot has made the pros and cons in it. Scene also connected when the old lady Mrs. Munson will talk with portrait photograph of her late husband, and when something is described or is described by Mrs Munson at her husband if it's good then face her late husband would carve a smile and if something bad picture of her husband carved mouth like

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