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This Essay will explore the political, social or ethical issues in the two artworks; Woman with Dead Child, by Kathe Kollwitz and The Night, by Max Beckman. These artworks both express war time themes, including dark imagery of what the war brought among the people, this addresses the social issue of post-traumatic stress because of war and the ethical issue of unmoral decisions being made during the war period. Woman with Dead Child is a very emotive painting with a weeping woman holding her dead child and darkness consuming the figures. The night is slightly more colourful with lots of action and violence illustrated in the painting. Woman with Dead Child, by Kathe Kollwitz is an Etching, made up of a variety of black and grey tone. The image shows a cross legged lady holding her dead child in her arms. The child’s head is tipped back all the way, showing his or her emotionless face. Assuming the woman is the mother, through the way that she is emotionally holding the child and pulling the child…show more content…
The topic of rape is not morally acceptable and the war made it acceptable among bandits and German soldiers this can be seen through the way that they leave the woman hanging half undressed in The Night, as if shameless that they just committed such an act. The topics of killing the innocent and stealing their children is also touched on in The Night through the hanging of a harmless man in his home with his family watching and taking his son to train him into something he is not, or possibly even kill him. These three acts are all ethically inappropriate and are the cause of the war. This could also affect the social issue of post-traumatic stress, that woman may have committed suicide a couple days later and the son would have that image stuck in his mind for the rest of his

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