Analyzing The Character Of Madamoiselle Larue In 'The Scarlet Letter'

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Describe the character and function of Madamoiselle LaRue (aka Mrs. Crayton) in Charlotte Temple. Madamoiselle LaRue is a young french teacher at Charlottes school who plays as an older influence for Charlotte. She is very experienced department of men and had run away for love and lived with multiple different men before. She seems to get won over easily by men and fall for them almost immediately. At the beginning of the novel, she talks Charlotte into running away with Montraville. In my opinion, she is a bad influence for charlotte and she seems to get bored with things quickly. What would you say is the major theme of Frankenstein? Justify your choice with references to the novel. In my opinion, the major theme of Frankenstein would be revenge. The monster started out kind and loving but then was hurt by Victor and the DeLaceys and he turns to revenge because he wants to hurt the people he…show more content…
Nature plays a big role in the scarlet letter because it not only means nature outside but also human nature. Nature is seen in the jungle where Hester and Arthur meet with Hester’s hut located right in the middle of it. The woods being sort of the devils house to some townsmen paints a picture of nature in the readers head. The last example I thought of was the terrible grass by the prison and the black herbs that Chillingworth pulls which made me think of the evil of the prison. What exactly is Edna Pontellier’s “awakening”? Explain the process of it as well as you can. Edna realizes that she is not happy being like every other woman. The process of her awakening starts with her learning how to swim in the ocean and listening to Mlle Reisz play piano. Edna decides to take up art by painting and moves into her own place, the pigeon house. The last part to the process of her awakening is her expression of sexuality. She created her own identity and rejects how the society views

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