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President Obama is faced with a difficult challenge regarding military operations, his recent request to get authority and funding for military forces against the Islamic State of Levant (ISIL), (H.J. Res.30- Comprehensive Solution to ISIL Resolution), is still being passed through Congress and is currently sitting in the House of Representatives. It is the duty of the President to maintain a certain rapport with Congress and keep them informed in the dealings with foreign affairs, particularly military action. He must not act in this particular case without the input of the nation’s elected representatives. History has shown us what can happen when the President chooses to exclude and act on his own accord. It leads to dysfunction and…show more content…
Truman is a prime example of this particular argument. President Truman is considered to be one of the greatest Presidents in our history. The overwhelming shoes he had to fill after the death of President Roosevelt while the nation was at War was incredible. Although he is ranked among the best to hold the office of the President, he is also known for his controversial decisions of military action particularly in the Korean War during his second term as President. Fearful of the spreading of Communism the President sought to stop the Soviet influenced North Korea from invading South Korea. The President decided to order air and naval forces to Korea. The initiations of these overseas military actions were made without seeking Congressional authorization. He justified his decision by claiming that the United Nations Security Council requested that members of the U.N. assist the Republic of Korea in order to restore peace and security in the area (Weinberg, 2011). This notion was used by the president for going to war with Korea. It became apparent that this was an American war when the United States took the lead in the campaign efforts in South Korea. President Truman even chose General Douglas MacArthur to serve as the U.N. Commander of Forces (Fisher, 1995, p. 34). This among many other decisions regarding this war were put into question and left to the criticism of his administration for disregarding the powers of the legislative branch.…show more content…
This war quickly became very unpopular. Many political figures argued that if the President was allowed to involve the nation in the Korean War, what is to stop him or any other President to intervene with other foreign conflicts without seeking congressional consent first. The Korean War was the contributing factor to end the 20 yearlong reign of the Democratic Party and in 1952 Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected President (Fisher, 1995, p. 35). At the time of President Truman’s departure he received the lowest approval rating of any President at twenty eight

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