What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Two Party System

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Does the traditional two-party system serve the Americans best? Unlike most European countries, America has only two major parties, though they have dozen minor parties with the Libertarian party and the Green party as the biggest, but they get such small percentage of the votes, that they cannot be compared to the other two. However, the founding fathers originally wanted no parties to begin within, because of their fear of the country splitting up, as stated in the PoliticusUSA’s Archives . Though, it did not take long, before two parties emerged, the Republican and the Democratic. I would like to discuss the pros and cons of their traditional system, and if it serves the country best or not. The pros of only having a two-party system would be, firstly, the process of agreeing is much faster than a system with several parties, where the parties have to make a coalition government. Which means, in a coalition government, the parties within needs to agree to get support in the legislative branch, like in Norway. While in the US, either the Democrats or the Republicans have a candidate as president, who only needs to discuss with those they chose themselves from the party they come…show more content…
The term “voting for the lesser evil” has especially been accurate for this year’s presidential race. Whereas, the population does not agree with any of the candidates, and instead of voting for who they want as president, they rather vote “against” another presidential candidate. Which also explains why such a man as Donald Trump had a chance of becoming president, because he was an outsider. While Hillary, who had worked with politics almost her entire career life, is believed to be corrupted and associated with Washington as rigid. On the other side, there is also a majority of those, who if not agreeing with any of the two major parties, do not vote at

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