Pros And Cons Of The Affordable Care Act

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The Affordable Care Act is a health care reform law in America that expands access to health insurance. It is sometimes called the Obamacare. This act was signed into law March 23, 2010 by President Barack Obama. Providing more Americans with access to quality health insurance and reducing the growth in health care spending is the main focus of the Obamacare. Some insurance companies benefit from the rising cost and that is why President Obama enacted the Affordable Care Act. Obama signed this law so that everyone could be eligible for health coverage. If you do not have health insurance, this act gives you an opportunity to get covered. This law has had mixed emotions from people of the United States. Some say it is great and some say it has an effect on the economy. The Obamacare has…show more content…
So far, this ruling has not been overpowered. As of right now, it is a law that everyone should have health insurance. There will be penalties if you don’t have health insurance such as paying a fee each month you go without coverage. Health care has always been an issue that the U.S has struggled with. In the recent years, the cost of health care has increased significantly. More young people are insured by parent’s insurance. The Affordable Care Act has made changes and improvements to care for specific people such as women, seniors, and those who did not previously qualify for Medicaid by expanding Medicaid to over 15 million Americans. The goal for the ACA is to make a system that work or bridges the gap between health care providers and consumers. Am I for the Affordable Care Act? Yes, I absolutely am. Why would I be against a law that is helpful in many ways? Although it is far from perfect, the best argument in

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