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College is something very important to people's lives. Some are able to get into college, but sadly some do not get the opportunity to go to college. Have you ever asked yourself, should college be free, but do not come to a complete side in whether it should or should not? College being free or not has a lot to think about. Although it has many pros, it also has many cons. Both sides need to be examined carefully to decide what the best option is. Some reasons why college should be free is because more people would have an education. Education is important because you learn many thing out of it. For example, how you should live and how to be successful. Another reason is unemployment. Unemployment rates would go down because more people would be going to college and most jobs now require something more than just a high school diploma. Also, the economy would increase. With more people having a degree and using that to get a job, they will help gain money with their work for America to be more successful.…show more content…
A similarity that both sides have is equality. Both People that think that college should be free and people that think that college should not be free want college to have equality. Due to that, a new policy was made, New College Equality Policy By Oxford University states that college will be enforcing equality more and are aiming to have more equality. A good education is something else that both groups agree with. In an article, Everyone should be able to afford higher education, Obama talks on how education should be something everyone should have. Obama says he will help so that their can be an education for everyone. This is important because with better education the U.S.A. will be a more successful

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