What Are The Pros And Cons Of Obamacare

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An Overview of Obama care (The affordable care act): On March,2010 , President Barak Obama enacted a new law that reform the health care system and health insurance markets in US, The Patient protection and affordable care act Law which is more commonly called Obama care is considered one of the most significant legislative transformation in the history of the US health care system since the Medicare in 1965, The Affordable care act was designed to increases the quality, availability, and affordability health insurance markets through : • Enabling all uninsured Americans to have access to affordable and quality health care services • Improving the quality and efficiency of health care system • Improving the public health through prevention…show more content…
Her I will discuss the merits and demerits of implantation of obamcare in US. Advantages of Obama care in regards to individual…show more content…
The implementation of affordable care act carries a lot of benefits and guarantee for those Americans and their dependents that were not able to be insured, or scared to loos their right to be insured if they lose their jobs. The affordable care act become a safeguard for them, it give them the chance to have a fair access for affordable, quality and equal health care services that at least cover the ten crucial health rights such as: maternity, pediatric services, preventive services, hospitalized drug prescriptions, mental health services and emergency room visits, Also Affordable care allows young adults till the age of 26 years old to be privileged under their parent’s health insurance coverage, employee will have the freedom to have job options without the fear of losing their health insurance as many of them will be exempted from penalty if they fall under the exemption criteria ,Obama care protect the right of those patients with pre-existing condition or disability as they can’t be denied ,Affordable care act offer a cost subsides for the moderate income earners and small business owners through getting tax credits, moreover individuals will have the flexibility options to keep their preferred physicians ,their insurance plan that they can afford to pay it . As i mentioned affordable care act provide equitable health care services without

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