Gas Engine Trucks: Diesel Vs. Gas Truck

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Diesels weigh more, but Gas engine trucks are lighter, cheaper to purchase and cheaper to maintenance. Diesel engines get more fuel mileage, have a longer life span, and have a greater towing capacity than gas engines. When comparing a diesel between a gasoline truck there are many variables to take in to consideration. The higher purchase price, more expensive oil changes, and maintenance of them are just a few set backs. Gasoline trucks are great, but lack on towing capability and fuel mileage. Diesel torque and fuel mileage are usually 60% higher than a gasoline truck. If driving a lot of miles yearly and keeping vehicles a long time, diesel is the way to go (Freund and Johnston). A diesel will get better gas mileage than a gas truck…show more content…
Over the last 30 years, diesels have come along way, are much quieter, and have a more comfortable ride(Sanchez). There is a distinctive sound about a diesel vs a gasoline truck. Some truck enthusiast insist on a loud truck, while others want it quiet. Truck company's have a hard time deciding on how load to make their truck(Sanchez). Diesel drivers often complain about the diesel fuel smell. Diesel gives off not only a bad smell, but its very strong and does not evaporate quickly like gas. Gas evaporates with no residue left unlike diesel fuel. After filling up, the driver needs to be careful because if his shoes have diesel on them, they will smell harsh in the cabin(Johnston) . Diesels compression is 50 percent higher then a gasoline truck. The fuel injection on a diesel compares nothing to a gasoline truck. Diesel's fuel pressure works up to 30,000 psi, while a gas engine pressure is at around 3,000 psi. Due to the huge pressure in a diesel engine is why they are built stronger and last longer…show more content…
Diesels low rpm's and monster torque help them not bog down and crawl up hills. Now why wouldn't people use diesels if this is true? The down fall is the added weight due to the heavy duty diesel engine, unlike a gasoline truck where its thousands of pounds lighter(Mouton). When driving trough mud and sand, weight can be a huge problem. Diesel engines are making their way into the landscape management. They are becoming more popular, but are taking a while to get there. They say that they are going to be a green machine work horse. Their long lasting life and power are big reason to put them on commercial mowers. The newer diesel technologies have made them quieter. Their emissions are cleaner. Does the extra weight and purchasers price affect the consumers wants(Witterscein)? Diesel has better gas mileage, towing capacity, and has a longer life expectancy. Gasoline trucks are quieter, have more rpm range and are much lighter, cheaper to maintain, and have a cheaper purchase price. Both have great pros but also cons. The more expensive price tag is a con but if people plan to keep it a long time, a diesel is the way to go. Gasoline trucks are great too. The cheaper price is definitely a plus. For a person that doesn't drive much and doesn't like to keep cars for long periods of time, it’s the way to

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