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Simon Bolivar the Liberator, the person who liberated a people and Latin America from imprisonment and oppression. Since he was considered the greatest leader of Latin America's independence movement from Spain, his biography was written. Simon is compared to being the George Washington of Latin America. He was a South American soldier who was instrumental in the revolutions against the Spanish empire. He made himself a promise to never rest until South America was free. The biography describes in detail the events of his life. Bolivar was born into a wealthy family. After the passing of his parents he was sent to Spain for his education. During his time there he became increasingly interested in the political life in Europe. After France…show more content…
It transitions into his first expedition, continuing on to his victories, his death, and ends with his legacy. The bibliography goes into great details of his triumphs. Simon Bolivar the Liberator was written by Guillermo E. Sherwell, and copy written by Blackmask in 2003. “Guillermo A. Sherwell (1878−1926) was the recipient of Doctorate Degrees from the National University of Mexico and from the University of Georgetown. Among the posts which he filled was that of Rector of the National University of Mexico, Legal Counsellor of the Inter−American Committee in Washington and Professor of History and of Hispano−American literature. Sincerely interested in the heroes of Spanish−American independence, he dedicated himself to the study of their lives and especially to that of the Liberator. He also wrote a biography of Sucre.”…show more content…
Again, starting off with the early years of this life and then moving on to his first voyage. The biography went on to talk about his first victory and many voyages after that. The story was being told in order from his child life to his adult life. The author proves his thesis by giving an accumulation of evidence that Bolivar was a liberator and hero. The amount of things he accomplished in his life time were commendable. He freed the areas that are now considered Venezuela, Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, Panama, and Bolivia. Some considered him the super man of that era. In 1825 the “Republic of Bolivia” was created in his

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