Personal Narrative: A Career As An Emergency Medical Technician

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Just as many people might think, the job of an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is a very rigorous job that requires the worker to be in full concentration within their job description. They’re the the ones that answer back in the case of a medical emergency. Responding to all kinds of medical emergencies is something they do however everyday events include heart attacks, violent traumas, childbirth, and car accidents. Emergency operators (9-1-1) are the ones that dismiss the EMT’s to their destination. Once they’ve reported to the location they then cooperate with other emergency personnel in order to maintain and transit the patients to hospitals that are top supplied to treat them. Also while at the scene EMT’s work to diagnose and possibly provide critical care. After they’ve arrived at a hospital they must inform their findings to the medical professionals. On top of all this they must also take note of their duties while doing their job in case the data is needed by law enforcement authorities.…show more content…
Such as having a tender and sympathetic nature as well as very well communications skills. As an EMT there's much stress and commotion that goes on, meaning one must also be able to stay calm, think and act quickly in these situations. Additional to this you must be able to adapt to the changing situations. This is also job that will require for one to have good overall health and physical fitness. One must be able to work with a team and have confidence in them. And as in any job you must have the ability to follow directions and

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