Clothing In Ww2 Research Paper

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WWII CLOTHING Clothing during the 1940’s was very groundbreaking, and also very inventive. The clothing was a bore it didn’t have much detail the colors were plain all the clothing people wore they were similar to one another most of the styles stayed the same during the time period. Even though most of the clothing was plain and simple with hardly any color, the types of clothing worn during WWII resembled what went and happened around that period. On December 7, 1942 Germany had invaded Norway, Holland, Belgium, France, Yugoslavia, and Greece ( “Welcome to the Front” 1) During that time period women typically wore head scarves, turbans, wedge-heel shoes, and the kangaroo cloak. ( “1940’s Fashion” 4). The clothing was very different from most other clothes depending on the price some of the clothing could be cheap and also expensive but it all depends on the type of fabric and the quality of the clothing. Some companies are mainly focus on “ price and sell lesser, inaccurate products made by other overseas companies” ( “Welcome to at the Font” 2).…show more content…
The colors that they mainly used were black,navy, or other dark colors.Quite a bit of mending was happening during the war to make the clothes last longer. After the war ended there was a shift in the women's clothing, a dress the styles of their clothing was usually based on particular events in history. On December 7,1942 Germany had invaded Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, Yugoslavia, and Greece. During that time period woman would typically wear scarves, turbans, wedge-heel shoes. The men would wear suits for special occasions the suits were made from retained materials as well sometimes until they had been worn out. They sometimes wore V-necked sweater vests or sometimes knitted waistcoats for occasions as well, over a shirt and

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