Pronunciation In English Case Study

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Problem English learners tend to confuse the pronunciation of [ʃ] and [tʃ] in initial position and at the end of words Description of the Problem: Many English learners have the tendency to confuse sounds in English, but one the most common mistake is the pronunciation of [ʃ] and [tʃ], in both initial and final position. Usually [ʃ] sound is mispronounced as [tʃ] and the main reason might be that [ʃ] does not exist in Spanish. Importance The population that researchers are going to take into account are going to be future English teachers; hence, there is a big necessity to enhance the problem of this consonants´pronunciation in order to avoid fossilization. Moreover, this research project will help English learners to avoid those mistakes…show more content…
According to Brazil (1994), cited by House (2011): “It is not so much a question of whether good pronunciation is best taught or caught: it is rather a matter of making the catching process more effective and efficient-of enabling learners to make the best use of such experience as comes their ways” (p.111) Many people argue that pronunciation cannot be teachable; however, teachers can help students to acquire the pronunciation. According to House (2011), teachers can help students to acquire the pronunciation by hearing, practicing, and producing pronunciation (p.111). Also, teachers can help students to establish priorities when they study and gain confidence with pronunciation. (p.111). Teachers should take into account that pronunciation is difficult to acquired; hence, they should help students to achieve that part of the…show more content…
It is essential to learn how to pronounce the words and the recommendable is to learn the sound before saying a word in the language “many Asian countries have traditionally begun by teaching the 44 sounds of British English, before the students learn to say anything, and have obviously had success with this approach”. (House, 2011,p.113). It is important to take into account that the process of learning takes times; also, people should begin from the simple to the complex aspects in order to have a knowledgeable development on the

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