Importance Of Codification Of English Language

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TMA 1ST SEMESTER FOR U214A NAME: SHEREEN AHMAD ESMAEEL MARIE Number : 2130476 Course number :U214A Dr. SULIMAN AL ABBAS SECTION NUMBER: 3 Codifying a language can vary from one case to another and depends on the stage of standardization that already exists it means to develop a writing system , putting formal rules formal rules for grammar , pronunciation ,syntax ,orthography , vocabulary , and publishing grammar books ,dictionaries and guidelines ,codification usually occurs due to new inventions and other like change in values or other cultural influences..Codification : (linguistics) is the process of standardizing and developing a norm for a language, in this essay I will discuss the codification of English in dictionary…show more content…
In the 17th c ,grammarians had the same authority to make language decision ,in 18th c dictionaries added a new elements for example :rhetoric ,logic ,and poetry . so lexicographers had more control over language with improvement of the material by using pictures in dictionaries.(kemmer,2009,395) Anew general English dictionaries 1744 Dych and pardon both grammarians turned lexicographer the duty for protecting the standards of English usage from corruption and decay .in addition Johnsons dictionary changed by the expanding empire influenced by commercial trading in England and other countries . The most important motives for Johnson is to protect the mother tongue .we will see some of the criteria used for including the word in dictionary .(sergeant, and swan , 2012,page 94). “Norms for writing word consistently with an alphabetic character set are collectively called(orthography ) .consistency in writing was never absolute in Anglo –Saxon because the whole system was new and norms for writing words in consistence way took time to develop “.(…show more content…
. (Jargon ). Some of the prescriptive rules are based on Latin ,which had a high prestigious language (for scholar ship ).A prescriptive focus on written language and it used in teaching English to foreign learners ,also it is used in modern world , similarly prescriptive grammar based on descriptive which deals with structure word and syntax , involved examining authentic language according to the context , descriptive account must take in to speaker attitude . dictionaries are based on descriptivist principles largely (using corpora and citation )this process is a style guide of dictionaries . (word do you –rank-dic) (North-2012-88 -91

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