Fermentation: Two Seperate Factors In The Effects Of Festillation

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Introduction This experiment contained two seperate parts. Fermentation was conducted in the first section of this experiment, sucrose and sodium phosphate are used to fermentate to ethanol and carbon dioxide. Fermentation is a metabolic process in which an organisms converts a carbohydrate into a acid or alchol. Distillstion is the process of seperating components of a mixture, in which the components are evaporated and the vapors codense. To seperate a liquid mixture, it can be heated. Since the components have different boiling points it can be seperated. Distillation can be used for many purposes such as productions of gasoline, xylene, alchol, distilled water, and much more. There are few types of distillation, such as simple, fractional,…show more content…
Ca(OH)2(aq)+CO2(g)=CaCO3(s)+H20(l) Adding more sugar will not produce a solution of 90% ethanol because yeast will stop forming ethanol at a certian point, which is 20% ethanol, that will eventually inhibit that fermentation pathway. Chapter 5 No, you can only determine the boiling point temperature range of the mixture of two pure components. Simple distillation is not. To determine the boiling point temperature range of the pure components, fractional distillation must be done. 6. Once a liquid reaches its boiling point there is enough ambient energy for some of the molecules to transition from liquid to gas. But, there is not enough energy at the boiling point to instantaneously vaporize the substance and its entirety. When some molecules absorb this energy, the liquid then has less energy. Therefore, the liquid must be constantly heated to maintain that ambient energy. 8. It is extremely dangerous to attempt to carry out a distillation in a completely closed apparatus because the closed system is not designed to withstand the pressure which may develop. If the pressure inside the system was exceed the pressure that the glassware can handle, the apparatus can explode and that can be

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