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Fraser (2006, as cited in Mirzaei, Abdollahian and Ranjab, 2012) asserts that: “Pronunciation is of vital importance to the second or foreign language (L2) learning due to at least three reasons. First, it enhances comprehensibility. Second, when the finite number of sounds, sound clusters, and intonation patterns is mastered, it enables infinite use. Third, it is of great assistance to those who have integrative motivation since with native-like pronunciation they will not be marked as foreigners. It can also be added that just as rich vocabulary, fluent reading, speech, and perfect grammar are essential for learners who wish to be highly proficient in the L2, so good pronunciation is important since it is part and parcel of successful…show more content…
Research question The current study will attempt to answer the following research questions: 1- Why Kurdish learners transfer phonological elements of their native language to the target English language? 2- What difficulties teachers face during teaching English pronunciation to the learners? Definitions of Key Terms Pronunciation . The word of pronunciation can be defined “the way in which a word or name is pronounced” or a particular person's way of pronouncing a word or the words of a language. ( Merriam Webster dictionary). On the other hand Pronunciation. Pearson asserts that pronunciation is “a way in which a language or word is pronounced” (p. 708). Kurdish Language : Is one of the Indo- European language family which contains 29 letters and The main speaking areas are considered to be southern Kurdistan the most of the people in Kurdistan Government Region use it and also, it has the two main dialects that are called Sorani and Kermanji. CHAPTER
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