Glorifying And Thinness In English Essay

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Translation can be described as the father of all sciences in a foreign language. All the scientific experiences and theoretical knowledge cannot be shared around the world without the use of translation. So, translation is important fields for both languages and cultures. Translators bear the responsibility of reconstructing the source text in a target language. For the descriptive point of view, Tory (1995, p. 56) states that translation is an activity which ‘inevitably involves at least two languages and two cultural traditions, i.e. at least two sets of norm-systems on each level’. Additionally, structuralisms highlight the effects of translators’ ideologies and their role in maintaining or change the meaning according to the cultural values of certain dominating culture. Snell-Hornby (1999) described the translator as an expert in intercultural…show more content…
Examples will be given from the Holly Quran since this paper concerned with the effect of glorifying and thinness on the meaning of the relevant Quranic ayahs. Ayahs which contain the almighty name (Allah) once glorifying and another with thinness will be discussed in details with the phonetic transcription and classification of the letters with some figures. The type of the points of the last letter in the word before the almighty name will facilitate of being glorified or thinned. Examples of the translation will be taken from 6 different published translations. Commentary on the process of application will be presented. The function of glorifying and thinness will be stated in each case. The purpose for using different translations for the reasons of time, culture, criteria of translation, etc.. The last part will contain a conclusion which shows the importance of applying reading rules in the English

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