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INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT TIGER: 1:Tiger has a body of grace and an anatomy of fight that helps them both to catch their prey and get themselves out of danger easily. 2: Tiger can reach upto 11 feet of length and can weigh upto 670 pounds. This is cause of their unique body build up that enables them to attack and kill prey that is much heavier than them. 3: Female tigers are smaller in stature than male tigers. 4: Another interesting feature of tigers is the stripes found on the body. With orangish color designed with stripes of black and white makes each species of tigers unique. Just like each human being has his own distinct finger print tigers have their own unique pattern of stripes. Each tiger has different design of stripes. 5: Stripes make them mingle in their…show more content…
31: There size is large but their design is such that they can reach a speed of upto 45-65km/hr and can jump 9-10m lengthwise. 32: White tigers are basically a mutation of tiger species that are also known as chinchilla albinistic. They are not a subspecies but a genetic mutation of Bengal Tiger. They have white coat, black stripes, pink nose and blue eyes. 32: There is also a possibility of existence of blue tiger and black tiger but there is no physical evidence to prove this fact. 33: Male tigers may overlap their large territories with female tigers that have usually small territories. 34: The size of tiger territpory may vary according to available sources like water and prey and also a shelter. 35: Siberian tigers have largest territories among all species of tigers. 36: Tigers are carnivorous animals feeding on other animals mostly deer and buffaloes. They attack and feed on chital, roe deer, rusa deer, sika deer,water buffalo or they may hunt birds and monkeys. 37:They may also kill other predators in some conditions such as leopards, pythons bears and other predators. Usually these predators stay away from each

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