Reality In The Truman Show

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Rationalist philosopher René Descartes needed to recognize what the foundation of reality was. Keeping in mind the end goal to do this he discarded a posteriori (information ascertained through experience). His explanation behind doing this was on account of he realized that for the duration of his life he'd held numerous 'false opinions' and built assumptions upon them, which were hence themselves likely to be inaccurate. He aimed to demolish his opinions by showing how they could give him foundation for doubt. He noticed that 'the faculties are deceptive' and that consequently it would be unwise to 'place complete trust' in them again in his mission for major truths about reality. Descartes presumed that whilst all information gained through…show more content…
In the circle of Truman's world everything he acknowledges to be true: his family, marriage and friends – are really all precisely scripted components in his life. In this sense, Truman is the main real individual in the television show which he is the star of. Christof, the director, recognizes this when describing its allure, stating that 'while the world (Truman) inhabits is counterfeit, there's nothing fake about Truman himself. Truman, like Descartes, begins to doubt all that is around him (Fusar et al., 2008). He claims that he sees numerous free strings and false steps and notices numerous slips of the tongue, doubting both the world around him and the genuineness of the individuals within it. He confides in his friend Marlon that everybody is by all accounts in on it displaying his doubt of everybody, even friends and family. He expresses that he feels that 'the world spins around him by one means or another, casting doubt on all that is in the world aside from himself, much like Descartes. Whilst Truman may not doubt the physicality of the world around him or the individuals within it, he doubts whether they are genuine. The doubting of the reality of the world around him unequivocally mirrors Descartes method of doubt in his mission to discover what was
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