Marital Status In Fashion

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Marital Status Visible means of recognizing marital status is a common practice among many different cultures. Hindu women, once married, wear sin door, a red powder, in the parting of their hair; if widowed, they abandon sin door and jewelry and wear simple white clothing. Japanese women wear kimono and puff with different styles and colors to indicate their marital status. Men and women of the Western world may wear wedding rings to indicate their marital status. TECHNOLOGICAL Technology today has helped out numerous fashion clothing lines to emerge and compete with well-known brands. Ecommerce has been another medium that helped the business earn revenue and sell with convenience as online transaction used are debit/credit cards or through…show more content…
This type of fashion are done by excellent designers that new start ups can do as well to be able to help the environment but still create art despite of the limited methods of production and materials used. The industry of fashion that does eco friendly fashion has been emerging and expanding internationally. Eco friendly fashion does not only help the environment but the society as well as they donates a portion of the sales to charities and foundations. This gives the apparel industry the opportunity to engage to eco friendly fashion and boost its marketing activities because of the concept of environment friendly clothing pieces. Physical environment influences our lives and the clothing we wear. If the environment is not properly protected, our next generations and we will suffer. Today, many consumers, especially the young consumers, show their favor to environmentally friendly products when they make their buying decisions. They are educated to be environmentally aware in school. Environmental advocates, mass media and governments also promote to build a green and sustainable living environment for…show more content…
Natives in Africa used to wear bare tops to make the body feel cold. Hot weather clothes are characterized by shorts, Tee-shirts, hats, bikini, etc. Today, people are more concerned with protecting the body from direct sun exposure. The fabrics of garments should be chosen according to climatic conditions. To keep warmth, consumers choose fuzzy, wool-like garments. Double knits, quilted fabrics and laminated fabrics give extra warmth. Down or other fillers are used in garments to keep warmth too. Garments that fit snugly at the neck, wrists and ankles keep drafts of cold air out. For hot weather, garments of cotton are a good choice as they absorb respiration effectively. They are very comfortable and let the body breathe with ease. Colors affect the level of heat absorbance of clothing. The white color reflects heat while the black color absorbs most heat. In summer, wearing white or light colors will have a cooler effort than black or dark colors. When going outdoors, people sometimes need protection against wind and rain. People need apparel to keep warm and dry. In cold weather, long undergarments worn under clothes provide a great amount of

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