Essay Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Why has there been such a long and ongoing debate between the NCAA and college athletes? Many speculate college athletes are arguing on scholarships and whether performance enhancing drugs should be allowed, however that is not the topic that has become such a dilemma. In recent years the NCAA has taken heat that athletes should be paid for playing a College sport. Although many debate they should obtain scholarships rather than money, because they are college students above being athletes. College Athletes should not be compensated, because they are still considered Amateurs. There is a fine line between scholarship money and getting money from endorsements. College athletes should get paid, but in form of scholarship money not in the form of a salary for every game they play in. College athletics should not over step the boundaries of professionalism, because at that level of skill college athletes are amateurs. The NCAA founders want college sport programs to maintain and embrace the amateur model that they setup. The NCAA does not want athletes to dismiss their learning for a pay check on the field. They also do not want sports to imped on the education…show more content…
Athletes should be treat as students first, and not be allowed substantial amounts of pay. The sport they play is considered an extracurricular not a professional sport, and yes they are working multiple hours a day so that the college they pay for can bring in revenue. They have to understand they are at the college to learn, maybe they got a scholarship and that being the only reason they attended that school. However, a college's primary objective is to provide an education and then the chance to play a sport. They are not obligated to provide a sense of income to a student athlete, because when a student agrees to attend a university they are never told they will earn money for
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