Music And Music: The Positive Effects Of Music

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I love to sing, I take it very seriously, in my case I believe that singing is more than a hobby, it’s a passion of mine and maybe a possible career option. I have a predisposition of singing all the time, this habit of mine left me wondering whether or not there are any positive effects of music on the brain. I’ve always heard that music was good for your brain but, to be honest I had no idea how. After researching the psychological effects of music many things were very intriguing to me. I had a plethora questions which I knew that answers would absolutely dumfound me. Such as: who does music affect physiologically, everyone or only musicians? What are the positive and negative effects of music? Can what someone says to you affect how you…show more content…
A Texas study recently did a survey involving the effect of taking or not taking orchestra and its effect on SAT scores; the study proved that on average students who participate in orchestra have higher SAT scores (Campbell, 176). Another study lead by Nina Kraus, PhD proved that taking music in school affects your language and processing of sound in positive ways (Bergland, 1). One study proved that music can even help with physical purposes, the study found that it is easier for people to use less energy while working out if they are listening to music or humming to a song (“Music Helps You Work Harder”, 1). Studies like this show us the importance of music and are now being built into school curriculums even more. Educators are realizing the importance of music in school curriculums and they are starting to be given more of a budget (The Psychology of Performing Arts: The Power of…show more content…
I learned how music affects musicians and people who listen to music, I learned why having music in school is so important in the fields of brain development, an aptitude for academics and for helping to cope with stress. For me the most important thing is that I gained knowledge on how important singing is to my development and how important it is with helping me deal with the anxiety that comes along with being a high school student. One question I had all along while writing this paper is whether or not singing was worthwhile. My love for singing and music, and all of the research I have done have let me decide that singing is worthwhile and that I should never stop singing and never stop listening to

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