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Teaching is a noble profession, not a job Is teaching a profession in Hong Kong? It is a doubtful and controversial question. Dr. George (2010) pointed out that profession means people who persist to ethical standards, learn the special knowledge and skills. They need to accept the training at a high level and are recognized by the public. A profession means that people apply expertise knowledge and exercise expertise skills. In this essay, it will explore and explain that teaching is a profession in Hong Kong. First of all, teaching is a profession in Hong Kong because it provides an important public service and altruistic service. Altruism is a concept that it distinguishes individuals who are self-sacrificing and directs their concern…show more content…
Mr. Sykes (1989) is one of the proponents for teacher professionalism. He pointed out that the academic standards for professional teachers is one of the characteristics of professionalism. Being teacher need to be good at theoretical knowledge and expertise. In order to be a professional teacher, people need to study at university or college. They must finish the secondary school qualification. People who would like to be secondary school teacher, need to study at least 4-5 years high degree education. If people would like to be university teacher, the requirement would be higher. In addition, people who would like to be teachers, are required to plan their subject area. For example, if people would like to be a history teacher, they need to learn expertise knowledge of history. In a bid to face the competitive society, teacher usually learn and supplement the additional courses in education so that it can increase their competitiveness. Preschool teachers need to study at least 2-year early childhood education. Besides, students who would like to be teachers, need to participate in the long time internship. Student can learn how to be a teacher during the internship. Internship aims to develop the significant connections between classroom field work and university coursework. Student can gain the experience because they need to prepare and…show more content…
They need to obey the ethical norms. Teacher-student love is not accepted by the public. Teachers should avoid being alone with a student. Council on Professional Conduct in Education provide a code for the Education Profession of Hong Kong. According to the Education Bureau, the professional conduct of teachers and principals are important. The should respect, trust, care and integrity all the students (the Education Bureau, 2010). The teachers should not undermine the confidence of pupils that they should encourage the students. The professional educator and teachers should not disclose the students' information, unless required by law. The professional educator should present facts without bias or personal judgment. They cannot bully other students. Teachers should be the role models for pupils in order maintain standards in their own behavior. Reputation is important for the teachers. If teachers violate the ethical code of conduct, it is difficult for them to be employed again. Seriously, it can destroy the teaching career. According to the news, a teacher Mr. Lai who had sexually harassed a 12-year-old student, is terminated the employment contracts (Ms. Wong). So, an ethical code of conduct is important for the teaching that is one of the characteristics of

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