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Pharmacy is the science and ability of preparing and dispensing the drugs or medicine. It is also can be defined as a health profession that links health sciences with the chemical sciences and targets to make sure that pharmaceutical drugs is secure and systematic to be use. Beside, pharmacy is also a learned profession and a firmly set science-based profession that needs all the important characteristics of a professional group. There are four main characteristics show the profession’s notable which are the unusual sphere of knowledge and intellectual discipline, well defined functions, professional ethics and conduct, and practitioners representative body. Two Pharmaceutical Associations existed to look after the interests of…show more content…
This laid the groundwork necessary towards moulding an effective pharmaceutical regulatory system in Malaysia. Under the chairmanship of the Director General of Health Malaysia, the Drug Control Authority (DCA) was established with a mission of ensuring, quality, safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products prior to marketing. The National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB) manages the regulatory functions such as product registration, sample analysis, inspection and licensing, post-marketing surveillance and ADR monitoring for achieve the goal, the DCA through its…show more content…
Dato’ Dzulkifli Abdul Razak who was a lecturer at the school of pharmacy during that period in 1986 had mooted the idea of introducing a new area in the pharmacy curriculum. By introducing a 2 unit elective course in social pharmacy – ‘Drugs in Developing Countries’ into the curriculum in the late 80s, the program started. After that, Mohamed Izham Mohamed Ibrahim, a former USM graduate was selected by the university to further his studies in the area of Social and Administrative Pharmacy in 1991. In 1955, he then obtained his PhD from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science,

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